Our Aim & Objectives

  • To provide remunerative market for milk producers of far - flung remote villages and make hygenic milk available to the urban consumers at a reasonable price thereby achieving following objectives.
  • Stabilize price of milk by connecting areas of surplus to the milk deficient towns and cities.
  • Uplift the socio-economic condition of the rural poor by increasing their income through sale of milk.
  • Enhance milk production of milch animals by providing technical inputs such as balanced milch ration, fodder seeds, fodder saplings thus helping to increase income of the farmers
  • Enhance milk yield of milch cattle of farmers by improving genetic potential through artifical insemination and also by providing pedigree bulls for natural service.
  • Provide year round assured market for milk of farmers
  • Provide rural employment both as dairy farmers and as paid employees of society - secretaries,testers and helpers.
  • Capacity building of farmers by providing constant training, induction and motivation.
  • Enable farmers to become self-reliant and foster the sopirit of co-operation among them.
  • Enable farmers to observe discipline and respect to all sections of the society irrespective of, cast, creed, class community,sex, etc.
  • Above all to create a just (social and economic)Egalitarian society.


  • The Sikkim Milk Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Limited
  • 5 th Mile, Tadong
  • Gangtok,
  • Sikkim- 737102

  • Ph No: +91-3592-231108 / 231218 / 231906
  • Fax: +91-3592-232107
  • milkgangtok@gmail.com