Company Profile

On the merger of Sikkim with the Indian Dominion in 1975 the then Governor of Sikkim – Shri B.B.Lal initiated the idea of forming a Co-operative Milk Union in Sikkim, probably being encouraged with the success that had been achieved in the State of Gujarat. Therefore, the matter was taken up with Late Dr..V.Kurien, the then Chairman of National Dairy Development Board(NDDB) who also paid a visit to Sikkim in 1977 as a guest of the State. After discussion with the State Government Dr.Kurien agreed to implement “Anand Pattern” Co-operative societies in Sikkim.

Accordingly, from 1978 the Spear Head Team of NDDB started working in the three districts of the State viz East, West and South. Prior to this, Sikkim Livestock Development Corporation (SLDC) looked after the dairying business since its existence in 1977. Ultimately, on 1.7.1980, Sikkim Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Limited was formed after being registered under the State Co-operative Societies Act, 1978 and having taken over the project from NDDB, it started functioning at 5th Mile, Tadong Gangtok and at Karfectar, Jorethang with a Processing Capacity of 10,000 Ltr per day at Gangtok Dairy Plant and 5,000 per day at Jorethang Dairy Plant with effect from November 1981, as an apex level (two-tier) Organisation of the primary Milk Producers’ Co-operative Societies (MPCS) at village level. The Sikkim Milk Union came into being during the Operation Flood –II programme of the NDDB and was established through financial assistance by the erstwhile Indian Dairy Corporation (IDC) and technical guidance of the implementing agency, the NDDB.

Organizational Philosophy

The primary aim of the Sikkim Milk Union is to provide remunerative market for milk producers in the far-flung remote villages and make hygienic milk and milk products available to the urban consumers at reasonable rates thereby achieving the following objectives:

  • Stabilize price of milk by connecting areas of surplus milk to the milk-deficient towns and cities.
  • Uplift the socio-economic condition of the rural poor by increasing their income through sales of their milk.
  • Enhance milk production of milch animals by providing technical inputs such as balanced milch ration,fodder saplings thus helping to increase the income of the farmers
  • Enhance milk yield of the milch cattle of the farmers by improving their genetic potential through artificial insemination andby providing pedigree bulls for natural service
  • Provide year-round assured market for the milk of the farmers unlike other agricultural produce.
  • Provide rural employment both as dairy farmers and as employees of the Milk Producers Cooperative Society as Secretary/Tester/Helper.


  • The Sikkim Milk Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Limited
  • 5 th Mile, Tadong
  • Gangtok,
  • Sikkim- 737102

  • Ph No: +91-3592-231108 / 231218 / 231906
  • Fax: +91-3592-232107